Monday, 19 May 2014

Little dresses for my little rabbit

I have a knitted rabbit that my mum made for me a few years ago. It's so cute and apparently so simple to make and is a free pattern by little cotton rabbits. The pattern also shows how to make cats and bears and is really just so good.

Anyway, I've made my rabbit lots of dresses and other outfits:

This dress is made from silk lace and black felt

This skirt is so simple because I just snipped off the end of a ballon!

My attempt to make a Hawaiian skirt.

This is the most recent dress that I made and is from the bridesmaid lining of the dress that my mum is making me.

This is her Chinese dress that wraps around made of this lovely elephant silk.
This dress is made from one of my old tops.

I gave this skirt a large lace over skirt with a couple of tiny pleats to make it puff out.

I love the denim for her jeans in this photo!

This is one of the early dresses I made that I remember was based on one of the Eurovision dresses a few years ago.

This is made from some scarlet fleece.

I made this dress from an old curtain fabric in our bathroom.

I think that this dress looks a bit french and I like how the skirt goes out.
For some of the next dresses I make I might do tutorials on how I make them even though most are really simple. They will be great to go on a knitted toy from the pattern my rabbit is from. If anyone does make a dress similar to one of these I would love it is you email me a photo  at and I'll put it on my blog! If any particular dresses you want to know how I made then tell me and I'd be happy to make a tutorial.


  1. You must have had a wonderful little photo shoot with your bunny! I'm so impressed with all of the different styles and fabrics you used, but I think my favourite is the skirt with the lace overlay. It puffs out beautifully, and I love a little bit of lace! I have a shoe box full of scraps and bits of lace that I add to whenever I find an interesting bit. Maybe I should make myself a bunny to dress up. I'm totally inspired by yours!

  2. Wow that is one lucky rabbit! more outfits than me! and all so different and clever! Well done you!

  3. Wow! so much creativity....I love all your ideas and a balloon for skirt! What a great idea! you're clearly got the eye for detail :)

  4. This rabbit has an amazing wardrobe! How sweet! I bet she enjoyed the fashion show photo shoot too!

  5. What a fashionably well dressed rabbit she is. I love all the different styles and materials you've used for the clothes.

  6. Wow she must be the best dressed rabbit in town. I think it's wonderful that you've used lots of different items to make the wardrobe. The balloon skirt is an amazing idea.
    Ali xx

  7. Little rabbit's outfits are gorgeous! I wish I had such a varied and beautiful wardrobe!